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Ambassador Forensic Engineering is a privately owned investigative engineering firm that specializes in motor vehicle crash reconstruction, product failure analysis and vehicle fire investigations.  We are located in Windsor, Ontario, right across from Detroit, Michigan, providing an excellent gateway to offer services to our clients across North America.

Sebastian van Nooten, P.Eng. - President

Since November 2000, Mr. van Nooten has specialized in the area of Motor Vehicle Crash Investigation and Reconstruction.  He has lead the investigation and/or engineering analysis of more than 1000 crashes.  These investigations have taken him to 36 states, 4 provinces and one territory, and have included issues as they relate to accident causation, product failure and vehicle fires. He has testified at trial in four states and two provinces.  Mr. van Nooten is a Certified Fire and Explosion Investigator (CFEI) with the National Association of Fire Investigators.  He is also a Certified Vehicle Fire Investigator (CVFI).  

Prior to being involved in investigative engineering, Mr. van Nooten was a project design engineer with International Truck and Engine Corporation for seven years where he was responsible for the design and development of Class 8 trucks.  Mr. van Nooten specialized in the area of chassis design, which included steering, suspension, frames, bumpers, engine installations, wheel mounting, air brake systems and other areas of the truck.

Mr. van Nooten has been actively involved in research in the field of motor vehicle accident investigation and analysis and traffic safety engineering. He has been invited to present lectures and has authored Technical Papers relating to accident investigation and analysis.

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